News Letter Delivery

At our AGM 12th September 2015 the decision was made to reduce the amount of news letters being hand delivered by volunteers. BADAS is urging its members to receive the clubs information by e-mail if you have the facility. Those of you who already receive your news letters electronically can appreciate that not only do they get the latest news, it also comes in colour, there are  offers from fellow members on items that can be recycled i.e. greenhouse, sheds, paving slabs- normally free of charge, members also get up to date information from fellow allotment holders on such things as shed break- ins and anything that is suspicious. We know that some members don’t have the use of computers, they can phone the Secretary on 01308 250260 give there name and address and they will still receive the news letters by hand delivery. The reason for the change is the cost of photocopying and increasing price of paper, also lack of volunteers willing to help, we have three committee vacancies that has not been filled for two years, The committee thanks the existing volunteers for their sterling work, and hope that they will continue. The new method of delivery will start in March 2016. Membership remains the same £2.00 per year.