Break-ins April 2016

There has been a spate of shed break-ins at West Allington, Priory Gardens (Saturday 02.04.2016), Skilling, and Community Orchard. It is important to always inform the police of the location of the allotment and details of any stolen property. Town Clerk Bob Gillise has requested that we let him know what has been stolen; he will then liaise with the police to discuss the situation.Please let BADAS (01308 250260) know of any problems and we will pass the information to the council.

In the mean time you may wish to consider fitting two padlocks on the shed, one top and one bottom which the police say is more of a deterrent. Some members remove all items of value and leave their she unlocked to prevent damage by thieves.

Also – Identifying your tools using paint or an indelible pen.

A Brand New Petrol Strimmerr of the type shown below, was stolen from Community Allotment Plot 5. If you see it offered for sale please let the Police know.

Stolen strimmer